10 Gbps Wire Speed

Many networks have been required to increase their bandwidth capacity to handle the bandwidth intensive technology and increasing number of devices on those networks. If your network has expanded to support bandwidth greater than 1 Gbps, a solution that can filter at those speeds is required.

The NetSpective 10 Gbps solution can scale to a fully saturated 10 Gbps of traffic with only a single appliance. NetSpective’s 10 Gbps solution can be deployed in both Passive and Global Proxy modes to ensure all devices are filtered both on-network and off-network. The 12H chassis comes equipped with an Intel Hex Core processor, either copper or fiber interfaces, as well as, dual power supplies for redundancy.

"The simplest part of the 10G migration was NetSpective. It took less than 15 minutes."

ESC 16, TX

"Other solutions say they perform. NetSpective 10 Gig Global Proxy delivers!"

Riverside Technologies, Inc.