Single Sign On

NetSpective provides seamless integration with Google Authentication by leveraging OAuth2 to pull a user's Google username (Gmail Address) from your Google directory by displaying a 'Login with Google' button to securely authenticate the user. Ideal for Business, Education, and Government authenication requirements.

Apps for Domains

The Google Apps Allowed Domains allows you to specify the domain a user can use a Google application with. Users will only be able to log into apps such as Drive and Gmail, with an account that uses the domain specified here. This is helpful in Google Apps for Education classrooms to prevent students from logging with their personal Google account to Gmail or Drive, where they may be hosting objectionable material.

Safe Search

NetSpective's Safe Search feature transparently converts all Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu, Dogpile, DuckDuckGo, Hotbot, InfoSpace, and Lycos searches into "Safe Mode" searches. In addition, search engines can be redirected to the search engine of your chose as a way to ensure consist browsing both on and off the nextwork.

YouTube Restriction

Today, Google Restrictions leverages Google Safe Search and Google’s Policy Center to provide age-restricted content. NetSpective enables group specific enforcement of YouTube Safe Search by use of ‘Safety Mode’ enabling video content and age appropriate control.