K-12 and Educational ISP's leverage NetSpective Internet & application control to keep children safe and adhere to CIPA compliance with robust, ease of use features.

As Educational Institutions rush to provide a one-to-one initiative for mobile devices to address advanced teaching methodologies network administrators need to ensure Internet access controls are in place both On and Off the network.

Many states and consortiums leverage the buying power of multiple networks. More often than not complexities surface with costs and end up sacrificing features and quality. NetSpective is committed to providing flexible, easy to use solutions at the lowest prices and highest quality.

Service Providers

Educational Service Providers provide valuable IT services to School Districts. NetSpective supports attractive deployment models that enable administrators centralized oversight with flexible and affordable options for downstream school districts needing local policy control.


Federal, State, & Local agencies leverage our network monitoring solutions to secure, optimize, and control bandwidth with real-time visibility and situational awareness. Government agencies enforce acceptable network usage policies keeping employees focused and productive.


Enterprises from 10 employees to those greater than 100,000 leverage our technology to address requirements involving traffic management, employee productivity, network trending, security audits, alarming, as well as controls to protect themselves from legal liability.


In today's world, privacy of health information is required by law. TeleMate.Net solutions enhance medical institutions and health care companies' ability to adhere to HIPPA Compliance and control escalating costs of providing superior health services.


Many of the world's largest financial institutions use our solutions to provide an added layer of network security where a multiple layer approach is mandated. Our solutions uniquely deploy in regional, national, and global distributed networks with a lower total cost of ownership than the competition.