NetAuditor Report Samples

NetAuditor provides categories of report templates with options that provide managers with insight into activity trends. Additionally, many templates provide options for object level control and alternate grouping methods. If you are utilizing a filtering solution such as NetSpective, reports focus on accesses, volume, categories, and blocked activity.

Sample Report

Activity by Category

All HTTP, HTTPS, and resolved IP addresses processed by NetAuditor receive a category. NetAuditor through a bridge to the NetSpective Online Service (OLS) can provide category updates as the Internet changes. Activity by Category reports provide in depth views into more than 60 popular categories including mature content, pornography, sports, streaming media, finance, shopping, auction sites and more.

Sample Report

Activity by Protocol

All network traffic communicates using a protocol. As firewalls broker traffic that communication is logged. NetAuditor provides protocol based reports to see that traffic by accesses or volume.

Sample Report

Activity by Referrer

A referrer represents the last page the user or process was on before clicking a new link. NetAuditor provides referrer based reports that provide a unique session based view of a user's activity.

Sample Report

Activity by Site

Site based reports provide managers insight into the most popular sites users are visiting during a specific period.

Sample Report

Activity by User

User based reports provide summary, detail, and session based views on user level statistics. The statistics can include categories, accesses and volume.

Sample Report

Trend Activity

Trending reports enable managers to see trends in activity over a specified period.

Sample Report

Detailed Activity

Detailed reports show all accesses from every visited site. Many administrators would consider this magnitude of data in a full detail report as 'junk'. By utilizing category filters, one can easily filter down the detail by omitting advertising and society plugin data to see the pseudo detail if needed.

Sample Report

Detailed Volume

Detailed volume reports cross the gap into security reporting. NetAuditor utilizes a GeoIP database to identify where sites and IP address are located. Location identification provides the country, region, and service provider of traffic on public interfaces.

Sample Report Sample Report

Security Reports

Many network devices provide varying levels of security messages. By combining that data with the GeoIP database, reports provide complete detail to the nature and threat level of the alerts. Enhanced notification can be provided using the trend-based monitoring and notification features.

Sample Report

Special URL Filters

Special URL filters focus on reports that can be used to gauge what users are searching for. Search term monitoring enables administrators to be one-step ahead of potential problems. Many administrators monitor search terms and other URL parameters to look for bullying, hate speech, terrorism, and business job searches.