How Anonymous Proxies Are Blocked

Due to questionable sites like Anonymous Proxies and Hacking sites changing on a day to day basis, we utilize a feature referred to as our Micro Updates. Unknown websites that are detected by the NetSpective WebFilter appliance are sent back to TeleMate.Net for evaluation. TeleMate.Net’s categorization enginewill then categorize the URL and send it out to all NetSpective WebFilter Appliances every 10 minutes. Every NetSpective WebFilter has the benefit of learning from every other NetSpective WebFilter in our entire customer base.

How P2P Applications Are Blocked

Peer-to-Peer applications that allow users to pirate files or bypass the filter are fully blocked with the NetSpective Internet Content Filter. Each of these applications are evaluated on a quarterly basis and the signatures are updated based on any changes that are seen within the protocols used by the application. This ensures that all of our customers will have the latest protocol detection signatures and can fully block each of these applications on their network.

How Network Abuse Detection Works

Administrators can be sent email alerts when users surf traffic that exceeds thresholds on sensitive categories. System Admins also have the option to lock down all web traffic and protocol activity based on those traffic thresholds. This is typically used as a teaching mechanism for K12 customers where students can then be disciplined and taught proper surfing behaviour.

How Real-Time Trend-based Alerts Work

You can check the monitor component at any time and instantly see all monitored traffic for the past 24 hours (down to 1-minute increments). You can set up alerts or event triggers to have the processing engine alert you immediately if the monitored traffic exceeds certain thresholds.