NetSpective WebFilter provides multiple options for filtering mobile devices both ON and OFF the network, as well as, within environments that have initiated a BYOD policy. Options include Wi-Fi Agent, Global Proxy, Mobile Portal, and Mobile Browser.

How the Wi-Fi Agent Works

NetSpective WebFilter deployments can be customized to collect information for properly authenticating a user on a wireless network. By collecting information from DHCP logs and Access Control Server logs (RADIUS logs) NetSpective WebFilter is able to dynamically bind a Username and IP Address so that traffic can be associated with a specific user.

How the Global Proxy Works

As a separate appliance that scales independently, the NetSpective WebFilter Global Proxy is capable of filtering any device on or off the network. Devices such as iPads and Chromebooks that suspend applications or revert their image when restarted cannot be filtered with traditional agents. The Global Proxy can direct all traffic these devices generate back onto the network to ensure that school or business owned devices are filtered at home.

How the Remote Agents Work

Remote Agents are designed for filtering and reporting on Windows and Mac OS X computers both on-network and off-network. When installed on a computer, the remote agent will communicate back to the NetSpective WebFilter appliance asking for a Go or No-Go on the computer user's web traffic using a proprietary UDP packet. The appliance then checks against the user’s policy and sends that packet back to the remote agent to either allow the traffic or redirect to a block page. The user’s browsing history is sent back to the appliance periodically.

How the Mobile Portal Works

The Mobile Portal was designed using HTML5 to be web browser and operating system independent. The portal is primarily used to filter mobile devices on the LAN such as iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, and various tablets. With the mobile portal we can authenticate users with LDAP or transparently with Windows NTLM.

How the Mobile Browser Works

The Mobile Browser is used to filter iPads both on-network and off-network using the same technology as the Remote Agents. iPads can be identified either by LDAP authentication or by device name. The mobile browser also supports the ability to only allow specific filename extensions to be opened as attachments. The NetSpective WebFilter Mobile Browser can be found in the Apple App Store.

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